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Monday, January 5, 2015

An Afternoon of Pamperment with Nail Culture x Spa Ritual [Sponsored Review]

I popped by Nail Culture one afternoon for a manicure + pedicure session, expecting it to be no different (or least, not by a huge margin) from my past nail salon experiences. But boy was I pleasantly surprised! It was, incontestably, the most pampering nail salon experience I've ever had.

Photo 18-12-14 3 31 06 pm

For starters, I need to show y'all the interior of the place. I love the slight Victorian theme and the whole colour palette. I actually liked that they chose a teal-like shade for the armchairs instead of the usual royal blue colour juxtaposed with gold accents, like the mirrors they have. It's refreshing to see, and teal complements the gold really well too!

Photo 18-12-14 1 57 20 pm
Photo 18-12-14 3 28 37 pm
Photo 18-12-14 1 08 12 pm

I sent them the nail design I had in mind before I went down, and after I settled comfortably into the chair with a nice cup of tea beside me, they showed me the mock ups. I mean, they actually did the mock ups! And not just one, but three! I thought this was a really nice touch because it gives you a really good idea of how the design is gonna look on your nails, cos well, you can sort of "attach" it on top of your nails. Lucky thing because originally, I wanted a colour combination of wine red and white, but after looking at the mock up sitting atop my own nails and against my skin tone, I was like eh nooooo. Cos it looks abit too patriotic ah hahahaha.

Photo 18-12-14 1 16 42 pm
And blue was a little too "un-contrasty" to me, I like having a good colour contrast in the things around me so I decided to give coral a try instead.

But before that, it's time for some pampering first, with only the best - Spa Ritual products.
Photo 18-12-14 3 29 39 pm

Spa Ritual is created by Lifestyle futurist, Shel Pink, who created the brand to honour the spa tradition of treating the collective mind, body and spirit. And what I like about this brand is that it only uses products that are good for people AND the planet. Which means their products are earth-sustaining, vegan, organic and fair trade, naturally coloured and free of synthetic dyes. Their nail lacquers for instance, are vegan and formulated without the nasties such as DBP, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

Spa Ritual has many different series for you to choose from to cater to the different needs for the mind, body and spirit. That day, I tried the "Infinitely Loving" series.

First up was soaking my fingers in the bath salts which contains dead sea salt, california sea salt and epsom salt. This step helps to:

  • Sooth and relax the skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Helps to heal skin condition such as Eczema
  • Reduce inflammation to relieve pain from sore muscles and joints
  • Flushes toxins, eases stress and aids in sleep
Photo 18-12-14 1 19 21 pm

Following this step was a scrub mask and a sugar scrub, which helps to:

  • Gently exfoilate away dead skin cells
  • Refine the skin and smoothens rough areas
  • Renews, lightens and stimulates collagen production
  • Detoxifies, deeply hydrates and increases moisture retention
  • Softens and conditions skin

At that point, I was beginning to think that the steps are quite reminiscent of my skincare routine. But this time, they're for my hands instead! Heh heh. I should also mention that upon that revelation, I was quite in awe of this Spa Ritual treatment already. 

After the scrub mask and sugar scrub, it was time for the Infinitely Loving Body Butter! It's probably just like the moisturiser step for our skin. This one's formulated with Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, Plum Oil and Macqui Berry, and this is what these ingredients do:
  • Deeply hydrates and conditions skin
  • Provides healing properties for surface skin conditions such as stretch marks, rough and dry skin
  • Rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Deeply penetrates for maximum moisture retention
  • Gives a silky, smooth glow

The next step was the serum! Right?? It's just like a skincare routine! Haha.
Photo 18-12-14 2 07 08 pm

This hand serum contains Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Certified Organic Pumpkin Seed, Fair Trade Organic Ginger Root Extract and Fair Trade Organic Licorice Root Extract.

Photo 18-12-14 2 07 25 pm
What It Does:

  • Restores and protects skin cells
  • Improves skin texture and vitality
  • Combats chronological aging
  • Smooths appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity
  • Fights free radicals and prevents cell damage
  • Firms, tones and hydrates the skin
  • Lightens and brightens skin by targeting skin discolouration and uneven pigmentation.

Seriously, these are amazing products because after this session, my hands felt reaaaalllyy soft! It also left my skin feeling really hydrated and bouncy. The Spa Ritual treatment was clearly the highlight of this manicure + pedicure session for me, but let's not forget about the nail design too heh.

Here it is!
Photo 25-12-14 3 22 08 pm
I think the coral colour combination worked pretty damn fine! Hehe. Also, I realised the blues are somewhat iridescent? Like actual sapphire stones! (which are my favourite) Didn't know that was possible.


To differentiate between a good and an average nail salon, 1) Without a doubt, the skill of the nail artist, and also her patience and meticulousness. Because if she isn't patient, when you want to do slightly more intricate designs, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a slip shod job. 2) The quality of the products the nail salon uses.

And from my very first experience with Nail Culture, I can say with absolute certainty that they have both. So it's a double thumbs up from me. If you're thinking of getting nails done for the new year (and the upcoming Chinese New year), or looking for a good salon, take my word and give them a call to book an appointment.

And plus, they are offering my readers a super good deal right now - $55 for Manicure + Pedicure AND Spa Ritual Scrub. (original price is $75, if you were wondering) Worth it yes???

Just quote "Shanice55" and an afternoon for pamperment, inclusive of pretty nails,  is yours. ;)

Address: 42 Zion Road (Opposite Great World City)
Tel: 6836 3303


January 2015
Might be hard to top this because it's one my favourite nail designs to date. Absolutely loveee this super cheery, colourful geometric nail design. Couldn't stop staring at them after hahaha.

February 2015
Went for something with a slight oriental vibe this month since it's CNY!

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  1. Hello, I absolutely love your nails! The coral goes well, it's different from what people would usually choose. I might pop by before CNY to do my nails too! Hopefully my experience will be as good as yours :)