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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Launch of House of Häagen Dazs' Flagship Store at ION Orchard Singapore [Media Invitation]

Häagen Dazs is one of my favourite ice-cream brands, amazing flavour with the most luxurious texture to boot. And yes, that includes their ice-cream in tubs! So I was thrilled to be invited to the launch of their flagship store at ION Orchard! I'm already a regular patron at their Tamp Mall outlet hehehe.


Their ION store boasts a contemporary, open concept design with an exquisite new menu! Definitely one of my go-to place for sweet treats in town from now on. And we got to try some of the creations from the new menu that were developed by consultant chefs in order to take ice-cream appreciation to new heights. The new menu also allows for ice-cream pairings with premium award-winning teas. (!!! I'm a huge tea lover, so these pairing is kinda like a match made in heaven for me ahaha)

And the added cherry on top? The ION Store wil be the only one in Southeast Asia to offer a line of ice-cream cocktails which have been crafted by acclaimed mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong of Maison Ikkoku! I don't think cocktail lovers would be strangers to this name.

Häagen Dazs really knows how to celebrate the art of indulgence, don't they? ;)

It was an indulgent afternoon for guests filled with an exquisite new menu of handcrafted creations, a delightful mix of cocktails and gourmet tea. Here are the creations we tried at the event:

The Eiffel Tower
A delicious warm brownie topped with Belgian Chocolate and Cookies & Cream ice-cream, finished with dark chocolate Eiffel Tower pieces.

Loved the ice cream choices for this one. Really liked the Eiffel Tower dark chocolate pieces too aha. This is definitely a very photogenic dish.

The Brûlée Banana Split
A modern take on a classic favourite. Scoops of Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla ice-cream sit atop a vanilla pound cake and then garnished with a Brûléed Banana.

Brûléed Banana sounds delightful doesn't it? The fruits complemented the ice cream, pound cake and banana really well!

Summer Paradise
A refreshing textural delight combining crisp wafer biscuits with four delicious scoops of Green Tea, Strawberry, Mango Sorbet and Raspberry Sorbet.

Ahhh, my favourite out of all. Yes I like my ice-cream/sorbets fruity because of how refreshing they are on the palate. You won't feel gelak/sick of it for sure. And the wafer biscuits hehehehe.

Remember I mentioned gourmet teas? They're from Tea Forte! And if you look at the previous Summer Paradise picture, you'll see a jar on top of a pitcher - one filled with hot tea, the other filled with ice. We're suppose to pour the jar of hot tea into the one filled with ice. We tried two different teas that day, I couldn't remember the name of the other one because all my taste buds cared about was the other one which is apparently the White Ginger and Pear. I asked Moshe, the Senior Director of International Sales for Tea Forte and when he mentioned ginger, I was like ginger!? Whuttt? Never thought ginger would taste good anywhere else but this tea's really lovely! Refreshing on the palate, complemented the ice-cream and sweet treats really well with no bitter aftertaste whatsoever! Best iced tea I've had.

Moshe then opened up the tea bag which came in the form of a pyramid. And don't you think that the shape of it is just for aesthetics only, it plays a part in really bringing out the flavour of the tea. I doubt I can explain it as well as Moshe so I shan't try haha. I learnt some really interesting things about tea and the whole tea experience though, so the tea person in me is pretty chuffed hehe.


And yes, I didn't forget about the ice-cream cocktails! We tried four:

  1. Vintage Caramel - Vodka, Caramel Liquer and Salted Caramel Ice-Cream
  2. Créme D'Earl Grey - Gin, Earl Grey and Classic Vanilla Ice-Cream
  3. Black Tie - Premium Whisky and Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream
  4. Midsummer - Tequila, Cointreau and Raspberry Sorbet
I don't have a preference for cocktails with a strong alcohol taste, and these ones were pretty strong so. But, one of the girls at my table loved them because she likes her alcohol strong. So if you're like her, you definitely have to try these! My favourite out of the four is Midsummer. Although, if they changed the ice cream of Créme D'Earl Grey, if there's another flavour that would work well, I think I'd like it too. Because, I'm actually not a fan of vanilla.


Thank you so much Häagen Dazs and Text100 for having me. I had a most lovely afternoon. :)


House of Häagen Dazs is located on the fourth floor of ION Orchard.

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