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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Le Blanc by Mashu's Signature Soda Spa Scalp Treatment [Sponsored Review]

I got invited down to Le Blanc by Mashu to try their Signature Soda Scalp Treatment, something I was really looking forward to because Le Blanc by Mashu is actually an established hair salon chain in Japan known for their chic cuts. Their first Singapore outlet in Plaza Singapura opened late 2014.

Photo 19-12-14 1 23 28 pm

I love hair treatments because I have very fine hair, which also means it tends to get damaged more easily whenever I subject it to any chemical treatment. (Aside from that, fine hair also means my hair can look limp and flat with the wrong style or cut. Sigh #woesofhavingfinehair) All salons offer hair treatments, but I find that they are all quite similar; for example, they use the same brands. So when I was introduced to Le Blanc by Mashu's Signature Soda Scalp Treatment, I was intrigued. I mean, we are well-acquainted with soda as a drink, but for hair and scalp?? That's the first time I've heard of that. But apparently, the benefits of soda on our skin, scalp and follicles and plentiful!

1. Improves blood circulation
Carbonated water is clinically proven to improve blood circulation and deeply cleanse away dirt, sebum and dead skin from follicles. The carbonic acid enters the epidermis and into subcutaneous tissue, expanding blood vessels and improving blood flow to the scalp. Besides its anti-aging benefits, it is also highly beneficial for those experiencing oily scalp, dry and damaged hair, and hair loss.

2. Keeps hair and skin soft and supple
Functioning like the hot springs in Japan, the Soda Spa Foam flushes carbon dioxide through the scalp and skin, carrying away waste in the body. This encourages blood circulation, which in turn enhances metabolism and increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the scalp and skin, keeping them soft, velvety and healthy.

Moisturises with anti-inflammatory benefits
It triggers improved blood circulation within the region, increasing metabolism and releasing its moisturising and anti-inflammation benefits.

Gives dull hair body and glow

It gives your mane body and a natural glow

Japanese Creative Director Masaki Ueda worked his scissors magic on my hair first before the treatment. And when I say magic, I REALLY mean magic. My god, cos that was like the best hair cut I've ever had in my life so far. THE BEST. EVER.

Like I said, I have very fine hair, and I'm still trying to nourish them back to health from putting them through all those chemical treatments I did when my hair was sponsored by another Japanese salon previously. (you might remember which). So it was honestly quite amusing when he examined my hair and went, "Whoaaa. Your hair, very dry." I know, I know :(

See. This is how it looks after he combed my curls out.
Photo 31-12-14 3 28 54 pm

He told me that my current cut, with the type of layers, are not working for my hair because it weighs them down or something, making my hair look even more flat and limp. I can't have too many layers either, it has to be of the right amount.

After we were done with the hair cut, it was time to start the treatment! 
Photo 19-12-14 1 48 39 pm
Photo 19-12-14 1 48 02 pm

We started with some bubbly carbonated water that is meant to leave hair soft, glossy and tangle-free, followed by the Shiseido Professional Shampoo – Fuente Forte to cleanse the scalp, and more carbonated hair products like the Soda Spa Foam, Sparkling Spa Shower and Sparkling Gel.

One bottle of Soda Spa Foam contains more than 4,000ppm carbon dioxide gas (4g of carbon dioxide per 1 litre) in the fine dense foam. And according to the staff, it can can be applied not just to your scalp and hair, but also your face and skin!

Photo 19-12-14 1 55 20 pm
It was then followed by the Sparkling Spa Shower which contains ten herbal extracts, including ginseng, witch hazel extract, ginger and angelica root extract, blended with 3,000ppm super high-concentrated carbon dioxide. This is pumped directly to the skin or scalp.

Photo 31-12-14 3 28 50 pm

The entire treatment was then caped off with the Sparkling Gel, made with carbonated soda and hyaluronic acid. It's used as a hair styling gel to give my mane some much needed body and a natural glow. This leave-on Sparkling Gel also serves as a moisturiser for the scalp, hair and skin, making it perfect for those with dry skin, hair and scalp, and those who blow-dry their hair regularly. 

After blow-drying!

Photo 31-12-14 3 28 53 pm
Photo 31-12-14 3 28 49 pm
With the Japanese Creative Director Masaki Ueda who worked his magic on my hair. I am so so thankful for his skill, and that I had the lovely opportunity to have had my hair cut my him; because, I don't know what he did and how, but HE MADE MY CURLS FROM MY PERM APPEAR!? My curls weren't showing up anymore, I thought the perm went dead already hahaha. But now, I don't even have to curl/twirl my hair after showering, air dry and they appear like magic! It's like they're now revived.

My head/scalp also feels amazingly light, and my hair, bouncy and airy. It's such a wonderful feeling you have no idea hahahaha. Would so love to have my hair cut by him again, and also this soda scalp treatment without a doubt.

Btw, the products used for this treatment can be bought at the salon so you can pamper your scalp/hair in the comfort of your own home too! But I'd definitely recommend you heading down to the salon for some really good pamperment while you just chill and relax in your seat, and best if you also get a haircut by Masaki Ueda; I promise you will walk out of the salon feeling like you're some hair commercial model ahaha.

Call Le blanc by mashu at 6333 4681 or 6333 4682 to book an appointment! :)

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