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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Fish & Co. Love Bounty Set x Valentine's Day Cooking Workshop

Two weeks ago, the boy and I spent our Saturdate with Fish & Co. for a special Valentine's Day Cooking Workship. I never thought I would enjoy a cooking workshop (with the boy) so much haha. So much till, for our Valentine's Day plans this year, we decided to forgo our dinner plans and signed ourselves up for a Valentine's Day dinner cooking workshop instead hahaha. We're quite excited for it too cos it's something different from the usual V'day dinner. More on that after Vday!

The workshop was held at The Glass House, incontestably, the nicest Fish & Co. outlet in Singapore. I love the amount of natural light that seeps in on the upper deck, and of course, the bright and cheery colours.

Photo 3-2-15 1 42 47 am
Aprons on!

The tools we need to make our first dish - salad.
Photo 24-1-15 2 54 34 pm
Photo 24-1-15 3 13 11 pm
There's supposed to be mayo dressing but we skipped it cos my stomach ain't good with mayo.

The boy was also trying to teach me how to properly hold the cucumber while slicing it with a knife, "Dear, claw, claw! Must claw your hands!" Watched too much Masterchef la this one hahaha.

The next two dishes we prepared were the coleslaw and the grilled prawns!

Photo 24-1-15 3 55 29 pm
Photo 24-1-15 4 04 01 pm

I applied the sauce (?) to the prawn while the boy settled the carrots and cabbage for the coleslaw. Again we skipped the mayo and used balsamic vinegar instead.

Photo 24-1-15 4 04 03 pm

Fish & Co.'s Resident Chef, Mr Kelvin Tan, also showed us how to make paella rice! So gonna try this soon hehe.

The last item is the 
Photo 24-1-15 4 43 48 pm

And all doneeee!
Photo 24-1-15 4 29 13 pm
Photo 24-1-15 4 27 54 pm
Photo 24-1-15 4 29 23 pm
Photo 3-2-15 1 42 46 am

This Valentine's Day, Fish & Co. is also serving up the Love Bounty! It's basically an AWESOMELY HUGE PORTION OF GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS SEAFOOD, to share with your loved one! See!

Photo 24-1-15 5 10 47 pm
The Love Bounty features perfectly grilled king prawns, a juicy medley of mussels, scallops, prawn fritters and grilled tender white fish, served on top of glorious Paella rice and fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes.


It also includes two soups-of-the day and two soft drinks! All of this for only $59.95 guyssssss. It's available from now till 15 Feb only so don't miss out kay! It's available at all Fish & Co. outlets too. :)

Here's a shoutout to The Good Folks, the agency behind this cooking workshop for Fish & Co. Because as usual, not only is it always alot of fun, we always get to go home with awesome goodies hehe.

IMG_3202Photo 10-2-15 2 57 17 pm
They gave us matching nautical bracelets, which also featured a fish hook closure, so cute!


And this jar of "worms"! So we can "reel" our love in hahahaha. 


Thank you Fish & Co. and The Good Folks for having me!

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