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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The New Fish & Co. Student Foodgram Menu [Sponsored]

There is a general consensus that students are poor people, because after all, how much can you earn from part-time work? You also won't have much hours to spare after classes and time spent on assignments. And as a design student, that is well, the lowest one can go lol; because design students really are the poorest haha. The amount of money we spend on materials, printing, etc really eats up a significant chunk of our bank account. I recently just spent $60++ to perfect bind a 92pp publication for my magazine module. And I'm also saving up to buy the camera I've had my sights set on since late last year. So yes, I tend to be a wee bit more careful with my spending. And yet, I don't want to compromise on the type of food I feed myself; after all, I'm a foodie/glutton and I live to eat.

Photo 2-2-15 7 30 49 pm

Hence, I was quite excited to try out the new Fish & Co. Student Foodgram Menu because the prices are super student friendly! You can enjoy a premium seafood main dish WITH a drink at only $10! NETT PRICE BTW! If you wanna change it into a 3-course or 4-course meal, add-ons are also available at no more than $3.50! YESSSSS.

Photo 3-2-15 1 42 48 am
We started with drinks! I love how refreshingly fruity my passionfruit drink was while the boy had the classic coca cola.

He was actually not feeling too well that day which explains his sleepy expressions hahaha. 
Photo 3-2-15 1 42 50 am
Photo 3-2-15 1 42 49 am

We also had 2 add-ons, the soup of the day and the buffalo wings.
Photo 20-1-15 3 21 39 pm
Photo 20-1-15 3 35 41 pm
The buffalo wings really packed a punch. I wasn't expecting that hahaha. So if you can't really take spicy food, take note. If you love a kick however, like me, go for this!

The boy chose the Danish Fish & Chips while I chose the classic seafood platter.
Photo 20-1-15 3 30 54 pm
Photo 20-1-15 3 32 36 pm
And honestly, I actually loved the boy's fish and chips much more than mine?? The batter was surprisingly good! And the portions were quite generous. One would think they'd downsize the portion since it's only $10 nett, but no they didn't! So yay!

The menu really leaves one spoilt for choices, I had a hard time deciding which to eat. And even now, I'd honestly struggle to decide between the Italian Fish & Chips or the Bombay one. Hmm, or even the Singapore and the Arctic One! Gosh I should just try them all, shouldn't I? Haha. Let's not forget the pastas and the rice dishes too!

Here's a look at the menu :)

The Student Foodgram Menu is available on weekdays only, till 5pm. All you need is your student ID, or just be in your uniform! And if you were wondering, the selection of drinks would include Cola, Sprite, Passion Fruit, Cola Tonic and Ice Tea.

And psssstttt!

Fish & Co. is also running a contest that will allow you to win some pretty awesome stuff from them! Take the most creative shot of the dish you ordered from the Student Foodgram menu, upload it to Instagram and tag @fishncosg. Also, hashtag #awesometobestudent and the hashtag name of the dish you ordered which can be found in the menu. A winner will be picked every 2 weeks so snap away! ;)

Thank you Fish & Co. for the lovely lunch, and for having me! :)

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