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Thursday, February 12, 2015

zChocolat's Romantic Sapphire x Valentine's Day Collection // Premium Handmade French chocolate [Sponsored Review]

May I begin this post with a statement?

(Because this is probably) THE BEST CHOCOLATE I'VE HAD SO FAR!

So, thank you so much zChocolat for thinking of me and sending some Valentine's Day love in the form of this box of chocolates all the way from France, which is also irrefutably, the city of love.

I haven't had the chance to visit Europe, which I heard has the best chocolates. So this is the closest I get to tasting authentic, premium European chocolates for now. But, before I was blown away by how amazing these chocolates were, the packaging too took my breath away.

Check out the engraving on this stunning mahogany box, and the gold accents!


There's even my name engraved on it!
My mouth still waters when I think of these chocolates.

- Mystique -
This Bourbon Vanilla caramel is dressed to impress in an irresistible Dark Chocolate dress of 70% Venezuelan chocolate.

Did I ever mention that I love caramel? And I can't ask for a more perfect combination, caramel and dark chocolate! It's the best, and look at that caramel! Can't get enough.

- Amore -
A divine heart of dark chocolate ganache infused with bergamot, enclosed in velvety white chocolate.

Mmm this one was such a delightful surprise. The bergamot is the reason why, it added a nice floral/fruity taste to it, which I adored so so much. And my favourite tea is Earl Grey, which is pretty much from the rind of Bergamot Orange. So you can see why I loved this one. :)

- Toquade -
A magnificent contrast of flavours and colours meet in this 62% dark chocolate ganache cloaked in white chocolate. 

This one isn't fancy in the sense that it's just chocolate on its own, so you really get to taste how good the chocolate is, and also the texture because you're not "distracted" by other flavours. And I haven't mentioned that zChocolat's chocolates have such amazing texture! It's like luxury for your taste buds really, like enveloping your taste buds in the best silk. SO SO GOOD.

There's one more!! The lighter brown one, which I absolutely loved! I apologise for the lack of picture for that one cos damn, that one deserves to be eaten as a whole right away. It's called Supreme - Walls of creamy milk chocolate embrace a melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut praline. 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couverture. -

See the phrase "melt in your mouth"? EXACTLY WHY IT WAS GOBBLED UP RIGHT AWAY. Hahaha. The moment I took a piece of it out of the box, I was surprised by a whiff of this mouth-watering hazelnut aroma. (I had no idea what each flavour each one was until I ate it btw, so each chocolate was a surprise aha) And the moment I took a bite, it just melted into this delightful swirl of hazelnut and chocolate goodness, so I popped the rest in right away. SO GODDAMN GOOD.

If you love chocolate, you HAVE to try zChocolat! And if you're sitting on the fence about chocolates, this may just change your mind. Because it did it for me. I was never one to be so crazy over chocolates, weirdly not a huge chocolate lover. But if all chocolates tasted this amazing, I would be for sure. You can get this exact box on their website, it's called the Romantic Sapphire gift box collection. You can also choose to customise your box by adding an image inside, text engraving, a heart padlock, a message card and more accessories! Which is why this makes the perfect gift for any loved one for all occasions.

I'd definitely love to be able to try more of zChocolat's other chocolates, plus they have such an amaaaaaaazing variety of flavours to choose from. So once again, thank you so much zChocolat for this delightful box of chocolates, they really are the best chocolate I've ever had. :)

About zChocolat

Z is the mathematical symbol for the infinite range of whole numbers. It is also the 26th letter of the alphabet representing the 26 recipes from our Numbered Collection: chocolates 0 to 24, plus our signature Z chocolate.”

Each chocolate is hand made by Pascal Caffet, world champion chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition: no alcohol, no preservatives, high cocoa content, low sugar, and 100% pure cocoa butter. These signature dark, milk, and white chocolates include rich ganaches prepared with French butter and cream from Normandy and finely textured pralines honed from a perfected mixture of Valencia almonds from Spain and Piedmont hazelnuts from Italy. Our collection is the natural outcome of combining Pascal Caffet’s renowned expertise with years of meticulous chocolate tasting and feedback from thousands of our customers.

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