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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daisy Dreamin'

I've always had a penchant for beautiful spaces, both on the inside and out. If I was better at perspective drawing, I would have set my sights on a career in the interior design industry instead. But nope, cos my perspective drawing lacks perspective ah hahaha.

I wish Singapore did not have such a lack of beautiful spaces. It's already a challenge to find a space that hasn't yet been turned into another part of the concrete jungle, and to top that off, most of the our buildings here lack some character. Which is why, I'm extremely chuffed with how the revamped Victoria Concert Hall has turned out.

Photo 31-1-15 6 15 50 pm
Photo 31-1-15 6 23 32 pm
Photo 31-1-15 6 30 46 pm
Photo 31-1-15 6 30 37 pm
Photo 31-1-15 6 33 25 pm
Photo 31-1-15 6 27 59 pm
Photo 31-1-15 6 44 55 pm
Photo 31-1-15 6 54 54 pm


I absolutely loveeee the use of space - minimal with accents of gold and marble, modern touches juxtaposed with classic architecture (see the lights!!!) and how spacious the whole space looks with an allowance for so much natural light! Which is the best form of light really. This is definitely one of my favourite places in Singapore hehe.


On another note, I've been shopping wayyyy too often/much on Taobao hahaha. I shop EVERY MONTH without fail on Taobao. I swear that website is a freakin treasure trove for everyone especially for poor students (cos we're always on a budget). Just wished it could be translated to English (and no I don't mean Google Translate cos it's usually hilariously inaccurate).

After I discovered Taobao (and how to use/navigate around it, it took me a good few days), I've been on the lookout for any other websites that will either give me cheap prices/or amazing discounts. And guyssss I found it, there's another website that's also a treasure trove for online shoppers and it's in English! Hehehe. It's called Shopback, chanced upon it in a newspaper article, and no it's not another online clothing store; it's actually a website that allows you to earn cashback with what you purchased! Something like how cashback works for our debit/credit cards? Which also means we get all the benefits of shopping at brick and mortar shops and MORE hahaha.

It's apparently big in US and Europe, and now it's here in Singapore. Perks of being the world's most expensive city/country righttt. It seems like we'll always have a share in the pie for good things. ;) I did a little sleuthing just to see which merchant has the best cashback benefit, and it's Zalora at 9.0%! Definitely gonna be doing some shopping hehehe, cos ang pow money!!

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  1. Hi Shanice I absolutly agree with you. Victoria Music Hall is an amazing place and so nicely renovated. I love this building too. Beutiful pictures.o)