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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sudio Earphones - Elegantly Designed with Studio Sound Quality [Sponsored Review]

I've always been particularly enamoured with the Scandinavian design aesthetics, from furniture to fashion to lifestyle gadgets. And so I'm most delighted to be collaborating with Sudio, a Swedish lifestyle brand which makes the most elegant earphones with studio quality sound to boot, and for only a third of what they would cost in retail! Their aim is to introduce earphones that are considered not only an electronic product, but a stylish and preppy accessory.

I believe that for most of us, a pair of earphones can be considered an essential in our bags. We're plugged in most of time, during commute and even at work. Our earphones have become such an integral part of our daily lives. It is not much different from our accessories, don't you think? It is what we wear almost everyday, no matter the style of our outfit or the occasion/event we're heading to. This has made me realise that I need a pair of earphones that not only gives me quality sound, but also an impeccable form. It needs to be elegant, stylish and versatile to match anything that I'd be wearing. And this is exactly what Sudio is all about. 

They have only two products, Klang and Två, with the former Klang working best for iPhone while the latter Två features one button only to fit all devices. I use an iPhone, so it was an easy decision among the two - Klang it is. But, it took me awhile to finally decide which colour, because the gold accents are just too pretty. I think it's obvious that I love brown accessories, one can tell from my various leather brown bags and accessories haha. So the brown and gold (omg what a dream colour combination) really called out to me because it is a unique colour for a pair of earphones and it also has this somewhat rustic/heritage vibe, which I think will go well with my style - preppy, vintage and bohemian. Well it's usually preppy vintage, but I try to add in some bohemian elements as well because I'm head over heels in love with the bohemian aesthetics. ;)

Here's how it looks on a more bohemian outfit.

Photo 28-2-15 12 50 29 am
Photo 28-2-15 12 40 38 am
Photo 28-2-15 12 43 18 am

And on a more preppy outfit!

Photo 6-3-15 3 22 36 pm
Photo 6-3-15 3 22 45 pm
Photo 6-3-15 3 15 50 pm
Photo 6-3-15 3 08 49 pm
Photo 6-3-15 3 19 24 pm
Photo 6-3-15 3 24 00 pm

It will go amazing with a more formal outfit too! Just take a look at Sudio's lookbook, I love it!

I'll be attending the gala premiere for the Beauty and The Beast musical this Saturday, so I might update this post again with pictures of my outfit together with this gorgeous pair of earphones hehe.

Photo 12-3-15 11 52 43 am
Also loving the leather pouch and the gold lapel clip which really adds a nice touch to your outfit, aside from securing the earphones in place.

Aside from the stunning aesthetics, I didn't forget about the sound quality! It's really comparable to Klipsch and A-Jays if you would like some brand comparisons to give you a better idea. And the best part? It's only about SGD$83!! (It costs SEK 519.48). My Klipsch earphones are like $150 plus or was it $160 plus? I'm more than happy to choose Sudio because of how affordable it is and its equally good sound quality!

And the added cherries on top? I have a 15% discount for you guys and it's free worldwide shipping!! Just quote Shanice15 when you make your purchase :D

Head on over to their website, Facebook and Instagram (@sudiosweden) to check them and their products out. I promise, you will love it.

Thank you so much Sudio for sending me this pair of Klang earphones in Brown. It's now what I use and have on everyday. :)

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  1. Hey there! I lovee your preppy outfit! May i know where you bought your denim top from?