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Friday, May 22, 2015

Japan's Popular Cooking School "ABC Cooking Studio" Finally Opens in Singapore! [Sponsored Review]

YES IT'S HERE! You didn't read that wrongly. Who doesn't love Japanese food? And we've not even gotten to talking about Japanese pastries and desserts yet! There's just so much to marvel and love about the Japanese cuisine.

If you're not familiar with ABC Cooking Studio, it's a famous Japanese cooking school in Japan that offers a unique cooking experience that is also the reason why it's so well-loved by many; class sizes are kept small, with a maximum of only four people to ensure that all students get ample time with the instructor and his/her undivided attention to any queries one may have. Students also get to do everything by themselves, making sure they get the full experience of making the dish. Hence, it's perfect for everyone! From those who're new to cooking to cooking enthusiasts, even those who're very skilled at cooking! (like my mum hahaha)

And Singapore is the FIRST Southeast Asian branch. ;) What an honour! I was invited to experience a cooking lesson with them and I really enjoyed every minute of it, and mind you, I'm quite new to cooking! I got my colleague, Yenni, to be my plus one because I know she adores the Japanese culture, food, style, etc.

For our lesson, we'll be preparing the Hamburger Steak meal which includes white rice and onion soup. Our instructor that day was the very lovely Kae! She's also very pretty haha.

Here, we're looking at the recipe complete with all the instructions and information you'd need, including illustrations! So it's very detailed, and yes you get to keep it.

Preparing the onion for the soup! I'm weirdly immune to onions, they don't make me tear up, but I did struggle a little bit with the slicing haha. Cos I rarely do any knife work since they things I usually cook like chicken and salmon hardly requires me to use a knife. But hey, I learnt a few knife skills from this, so yay!

Hamburger steak making in progress!

The only thought that went through my mind here was to ensure that the hamburger steak wouldn't fall out of the pan when I flip it over. Hahaha.

And tadahhhh! Here's our dinner!
I loved the sauce/gravy very much. Should have taken more from the pot haha. And the hamburger steak was delicious! Everything went well together. It's a simple but very delicious recipe! Feels like something your mum would make for you. :)


Students at ABC Cooking Studio get to customise their own timetables and lesson plans. The Singapore studio offers 5 types of courses:
  1. The Cooking Course - Japanese & International Cuisine
  2. Bread Course
  3. Cake Course (I'm totally eyeing this!!)
  4. Kids Course (so cute!)
  5. Wagashi - Japanese desserts
You can mix and match lessons from the different courses depending on the package you take, it's very customisable! Students also need to start with the Basic courses before they can make their way to take the Master courses. And you can even apply for an examination to obtain a license after you've completed both courses! Did you know that some of their students even opened up their own restaurants with ABC Cooking Studio's recipes?

Their recipes are renewed regularly, and are developed by professionals. These recipes have also gone through many trials and revision to ensure perfection. Which also means that there's always something new to learn at the school!

If you're new to ABC Cooking Studio, you can opt to try a single lesson at only $48 before deciding if you'd like to join them as a member. Pssst, if you like ABC Cooking Studio Singapore's Facebook Page, it will only cost $35! You can choose from 3 popular menus for this lesson: Gateau au Chocolat, Ham Mayo & Cinnamon Roll or the Japanese-style Hamburger Steak (which is the one I did!)

They're actually offering some pretty amazing promotion package prices to celebrate their opening and trust me, you don't want to miss out on them because they're really good deals! These prices are only valid till the end of May however, so be quick!

Thank you ABC Cooking Studio, Yohei and Mae for having me and for your very kind hospitality. It was a pleasure to be there and I'd most certainly love to try out the other classes! :)


ABC Cooking Studio is located at Takashimaya S.C.
391 Orchard Road #03-12/12A
Singapore 238872

Tel: 6694 6104
Opening Hours: 10am to 9.30pm

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