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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yoogane's Cheese Fondue Galbi x Cheese It Up! [Sponsored Review]

Yoogane is one of my favourite Korean restaurants in Singapore and so, I was really chuffed to be invited for a food tasting before they opened their very first outlet in Singapore last June (read my review here). Aaaaand I don't think it's a secret that I'm thrilled to be back again for another food tasting! This time it's for their new dish - the Cheese Fondue Galbi. I've visited Yoogane several times after my first visit because the food is good! They truly deserve the queue outside the restaurant, and of course, the wait is worth it.

The Cheese Fondue Galbi was launched on 1st May, and did you know that Yoogane Singapore is the first country outside of Korea to sell this dish? Cheese lovers rejoice! And plus, in conjunction with this new dish, they're holding a competition - customers who ordered this dish are invited to try pulling the cheese fondue as long as they possibly can! The one with the longest pull recorded will win a pair of tickets to Korea! Whoop whoop.

Here's the Cheese Fondue Galbi before the cheese melts into cheesy goodness!

 While waiting, we indulged in some of our favourite Yoogane dishes. All of us at the table are not first-timers at Yoogane! ;) So we all have our must-order dish.

And my favourite dish at Yoogane aside from the Chicken & Seafood Galbi is this - the Naengmyeon! Yum yum.

Melting in progress!

And William has a go at it! The guy in yellow overalls you see behind is the cheese ambassador, he's in charge of measuring the cheese fondue. Really friendly guy too!

It isn't the boy's first time at Yoogane too, I brought him there a couple of months back and he loves the food as much I do. And him being a huge cheese lover, this dish was perfect for him.

We also tried the Seafood Cheese Fried Rice!

Thank you Yoogane for having us, and for having me again! 

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