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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Summer's Eve Blogger's Hi Tea Party + Product Review

Only just realised I didn't take any pictures of myself at the event haha. But it's alright because the "star(s)" of this post are supposed to be the Summer's Eve products anyway! :)

I'm someone who's slightly OCD when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, aside from how organised my things are haha. So to me, feminine hygiene is of UTMOST importance. This is especially so if you're married or have an active sexual life. 

I've always been using feminine wash. And my first feminine wash product was from Summer's Eve. I did try other brands after but ultimately, I still went back to Summer's Eve and I'm sticking with it. There are several reasons why, because Summer's Eve products are:

  • Gynecologist Tested
  • Allergy Tested
  • pH Balanced

After all, these products are used at a highly delicate part of our bodies. You definitely don't want to risk any infections down south. Aside from those three aforementioned reasons, I think Summer's Eve really knows what they're doing when it comes to feminine hygiene, they know how to care and what's best for our nether regions. This was something I realised and concluded after the event. Read on and I'll tell you more about it. :)

The Hi Tea Party was held at the gorgeous boutique spa, My Cozy Room. Read my review here

FullSizeRender 2
FullSizeRender 3
They prepared Laduree macarons for us! What a delightful treat because I love macarons! Heh heh.

Oh and we were given a corsage! I know girls wear a corsage when they go for their prom (in the States at least). Well, I didn't have my secondary school prom because the school didn't want to organise it for us, they actually told us to organise it ourselves if we wanted one. Some people did try but it didn't really take off so there was none. Ah well. Anyway! I thought it was a nice little thought, to have all guests wear a corsage hahaha. And those are real flowers btw!


Before this event, I never knew that Summer's Eve had more tthan just feminine wash. So imagine my delight and surprise when I realised I could do more for my own feminine hygiene!IMG_9526
These were all the amazing goodies that were given to us at the event. Thank you so much for the love, Summer's Eve!

Let's first talk about what I know haha, the feminine wash!


You can either use the one for normal skin or sensitive skin, the formal is scented while the latter isn't. I personally prefer the scented one haha. I like things that smell good, especially when it comes to things I use on my body/face. 

I cannot do without my feminine wash, I use it daily, even when I travel. The feminine wash helps to cleanse, which is very important to me because that's where your pee comes in contact with right?? Aside from cleansing, it also helps to maintain the optimum pH levels of a healthy vaginal environment and also helps to moisturise the area! This helps prevent skin dryness and irritation. 

Then, I realised they have this product called the CLEANSING WIPES!! Oh gosh why did I not know about this before?? These wipes come in so handy when it's the time of the month and I've to be out the whole day. How clean can you possibly feel when it's the time of the month lol, plus it's not like our public toilets have bidet sprays. 


These wipes are alcohol free to gently cleanse the area. They are also formulated with skin soothing Aloe and Vitamin E and contains Neutresse to neutralise odour. And they're individually packed!! Which means they're real convenient, you just need to throw a few packets into your pouch. And oh oh! It's the perfect item to have for mothers who just gave birth, especially Chinese mothers! Cos the old wives tales state that mothers should not shower during the confinement period to prevent water and wind from going into the body, or something. Haha. 

I could have also, so totally used this when I was backpacking in Nepal with my best friend during the winter season three years ago. We were staying in this bed and breakfast inn, and I don't think the water that came out through the pipes into our taps were clean because I could actually smell the rustiness?? Ewww. I shuddered at the thought of washing myself, especially my face and down south, with water like that. I actually bought bottled water for washing purposes hahaha. But see, if I had these wipes then, problem solved!

It's obviously my favourite product out of the entire range hahaha.

It would be even better if I not only had these wipes but ALSO, the next product, the Feminine Cleansing Mist! Like how the skin on our face sometimes needs on quick spritz for added moisture or to feel refreshed, there's one like that for our ladyparts too!


The Cleansing Mist cleanses the external vaginal area leaving it feeling fresh and clean, anytime and anywhere! It's super small and lightweight, making it easy to slip into the pouch too. 

The next Summer's Eve product I'm gonna share resulted in a raised eyebrow when I first heard it haha. It's the Feminine Deodorant Spray!


Yes, deodorant spray for our ladyparts. It works exactly like our deodorant spray for the underarms. This however, has the added ability to neutralise odour when compared to the Cleansing Mist because it contains Neutresse. It also contains natural constarch and baking soda to absorb moisture and prevents itching and chafing. It also contains vitamin E! Sounds better than our regular deodorant spray for the underarms doesn't it! Haha. 

The last product Summer's Eve shared with us (not pictured) is the Disposable Douche. It's known in the States but not so much here. It's also the first time I heard of it. It's bascially a product that cleanses FROM THE INSIDE. As you've realised, the products I've shared so far all cleanse the exterior. But this one cleanses from within and they're usually used after the period or to cleanse away unwanted vaginal secretions, contraceptive or lubricating jellies and creams. Now you can really feel clean and refreshed inside and out lol. 

This douche is pre-mixed, pre-measured and ready to use, no assembly required at all (unlike those DIY hair dyes for example). It also helps to maintain the optimum pH levels for a healthy vaginal environment. 


Once again, thank you Summer's Eve for making sure I have everything I need to ensure the best feminine care/hygiene for myself. Hehe. 

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